Local tour guided by Tynch

Dear guests,

If you want some local tours, we can organize the tour for you. I speak English, know well Karakol and Karakol area. You can hire me as a guide and driver. My service costs 

Get up early at 8.00 AM. 
Breakfast at 8.30 AM
We need to start at 9.00 AM. 
9.30-12.30 Jeti Oguz resort. Broken Heart Rock. Seven Bulls Rock. Walk 5 km up and pass 5 wooden bridges. See Kok Jaiyk (Valley of flowers) pasture and come back to Jeti Oguz resort. 10-11 km of walking. 
13.00 Lunch in Karakol. Eat Ashlyamfu. 
14.00 Ak Suu Resort. Take a bath with hot spring water coming from earth. Easy walk. 
17.00 Come back to Karakol.